Or…why is Defence getting more and more expensive, slower to deliver on-the-shelf kit, and more difficult to accurately forecast? And what happens when it goes wrong?

This is a write-up of Pentester Academy’s December Windows Security Capture the Flag (CTF).

The challenge can still be found (retired) here: https://attackdefense.pentesteracademy.com/challengedetails?cid=2143

Mission Description: The CTF is focused on exploiting vulnerable applications and windows components exploitation. Explore the services, applications on the running machine, identify the misconfiguration flaw then…

CISSP — Who needs it anyway, what’s the point?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Having just completed and passed perhaps the most intense, compressed educational qualification of my life, I feel compelled to put a few thoughts down. …

The Military HQ Anomaly

From day 1 in the military, the necessity and primacy of the team over the individual is clear. We live, operate, recover and deliver as a collective. We build our structures around a team ethos, and identity with the whole being greater than the sum of…

Brexit, and what I’d do if I were the Queen’s enemies — Information Operations, nuanced and opportunistic.

There are many nations who would benefit from UK degradation derived from the impending BREXIT, even temporarily. There are many who would seek to capitalise on UK economic reduction, political in-fighting and certainly…

Info Sec: FaceApp…so much fun ageing yourself. Nothing is free.


So, FaceApp.

Created in St Petersburg in 2017, now miraculously viral again.
All processing of images done on Amazon Web Servers in USA.
No images sent to Russia.
Is there a problem?

Forbes says no...but forbes is considering only…

On the Lookout

A husband, father of 3 and career military. The global interplay, Welsh rugby, information operations and cyber geekery all fuel my scribbles.

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